Two New Scholarships Offered by BHU to Chemistry Students

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According to Professor S. M. Singh, Dean of the Faculty of Science, the new scholarships would promote academic excellence and student competition.
For chemistry students, the Banaras Hindu University (BHU) is introducing two new scholarships. The upcoming academic year is when these scholarships are expected to be given out.
The grant to launch the scholarships was made by Madan Mohan Kayastha and his spouse, Santosh Kayastha. Kayastha is a 1951 graduate of BHU, where he obtained his MTech in Industrial Chemistry.

In December of last year, he also donated Rs 20 lakh to establish four scholarships at Rs 5 lakh apiece, two for law and two for chemistry. The scholarships that were previously offered were established in their parents’ honor. Two female first-year students at the Institute of Science received the Sita Ram and Ajudhia Devi Scholarships, which were established in honor of Madan Mohan Kayastha’s parents. One student received the scholarship for BSc (Hons) Chemistry and the other for MSc (Chemistry). In addition, Santosh Kayastha’s parents were honored with the establishment of the Bhagwati and Mulk Raj Mahajan Scholarships (Mahajan).

Two first-year female students, one enrolled in the LLM program and the other in the BA (LLB) Hons, were each given a scholarship.
The new scholarships, according to Professor S. M. Singh, Dean of the BHU Faculty of Science, would promote academic excellence and competition among students.

Located in the sacred city of Varanasi, Banaras Hindu University is a highly esteemed educational institution with global recognition. In close collaboration with notable figures such as Dr Annie Besant, who saw it as the University of India, Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, the great nationalist leader, built this imaginative and inventive university in 1916. The B.H.U. Act of 1915, a piece of parliamentary legislation, founded Banaras Hindu University.

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