Transforming Teaching Pedagogy: Governor Ravi Highlights NEP 2020 at Vice-Chancellors’ Conference

Governor Ravi
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In a significant move, Governor R.N. Ravi inaugurated a two-day conference of vice-chancellors of state and private universities at Raj Bhavan in Udhagamandalam, Tamil Nadu. During the event, the Governor emphasized that the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 will transform teaching pedagogy in India.

Governor Ravi noted that when he came to Tamil Nadu two-and-a-half years ago, he observed that the state universities were working in isolation and facing challenges in improving their standards due to a lack of communication and coordination. To address this issue, the conference was organized to provide a forum where eminent leaders of higher education can learn from each other.

The Governor highlighted that the “Bharatiya Knowledge System” (Indian Knowledge System) is not static but keeps improving to meet the challenges of emerging technologies. He quoted a couplet from Tamil saint Thiruvalluvar, stating that it is the inspiration for the New Education Policy 2020, which aims to bring about a transformative education system.

Governor Ravi emphasized that education is empowerment and that the goal is to create a concrete platform to ensure that students come out with the confidence to live with dignity by exploring their true potential.

The Governor stressed that in the era of artificial intelligence, there is a need for a transformation in the approach to teaching pedagogy, which is one of the core focuses of the NEP 2020. This, he said, would usher in a new higher education system for India.

The conference was attended by leaders from various universities across the state, faculty experts, and educational scholars from across the country. University Grants Commission chairperson M. Jagadesh Kumar also spoke on the importance of addressing concerns related to sustainability in the education system.

The Governor’s remarks highlight the significant role that the NEP 2020 is expected to play in reshaping the teaching pedagogy and the higher education landscape in India, as the state and central governments work towards a more integrated and transformative education system.

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