Students in Government Schools Drawn to the “Kalloori Kanavu” Higher Education Advisory Program

Kalloori Kanavu
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The “Kalloori Kanavu” higher education guidance program, an effort under the “Naan Mudhalvan” plan, was launched at Lady Doak College here on Wednesday with the goal of assisting Class XII students in selecting the topic of their choice for further education.
Following the program’s launch, District Collector M. S. Sangeetha gave a speech during which he counselled students to have a clear idea of how their higher education will impact their lives.

“Students from Madurai unlike other districts have a more wider opportunity to choose their field of study owing to the presence of colleges for all fields — arts and science, law, medicine, engineering and agriculture,” she added.

Students who had cleared the board exams, after careful perusal of the prospects of various departments, should apply for their course, she said. “Girl students, in particular, should learn about the importance of education in the modern world and should brave all odds to pursue education,” Ms. Sangeetha said.

If students are having trouble choosing courses that are right for them, she advised them to get in touch with their teachers or the principal of their respective schools.
She further mentioned that the Madurai district was the top in the state for giving kids their education debts back. “After the COVID-19 lockdowns, students’ use of mobile phones has become necessary, but they should still use them responsibly. It’s a gadget that can take up your valuable time,” the woman remarked.
P. Kumaran, Principal, Government Law College, Madurai, urged students to think about pursuing a degree in law because it is one of the crucial programs that may be completed for a relatively low cost.

He continued, saying that learning about law would be the greatest benefit in terms of gaining an appreciation for human nature. The Indian Constitution, written by B. R. Ambedkar, leaves open a number of issues for interpretation. Everyone should consider studying this topic since it has the potential to be highly engaging,” he continued.
Likewise, S. Kanchana, dean of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University’s Community Science College and Research Institute, enumerated the several professional benefits of continuing postsecondary education in agricultural studies-related fields.

  1. Malarvizhi, a government school student from Melur, said, she had attended the meeting with her parents as they were interested in learning about the various subject their daughter could pursue for higher education. “I brought my brother too who is to write his board exams next year as he could have an idea about future,” she added.

She said she was going to meet with representatives from TNAU to learn more about the requirements for fulfilling the admissions process because she was interested in studying agriculture.
Students who participated in the program at the location did so online, according to a representative of the school education department.
“Instructors at the district’s government schools made certain that their pupils took part in the one-day program,” he continued.A number of colleges brought representatives to the event to inform students about the programs offered at respective establishments. Additionally, a lot of private banks set up shop to inform students about their alternatives for obtaining student loans.

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