Philippines Allows Indian Medical Graduates to Practice Medicine After Completing MD Degrees

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In a significant development, the House of Representatives in the Philippines has approved an amendment to the Philippine Medical Act of 1959, allowing international students, including Indians, to register and practice medicine in the Philippines after completing their Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree.

The new regulations stipulate that the medical college should be recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and aspirants should have completed a 12-month internship. If all conditions are met, the CHED will issue the necessary certification to facilitate this process, ensuring a smooth transition for Indian graduates.

Previously, to be eligible for the physicians’ licensure examination, a graduate of the Doctor of Medicine degree had to be a citizen of the Philippines. However, with the amendment, Indian medical graduates can now register and practice medicine in the Philippines after fulfilling the specified requirements.

The Philippines has been attracting aspiring doctors worldwide by offering high-quality education at competitive costs, with tuition fees significantly lower than those in Western countries. The US-aligned curriculum ensures smooth transitions to international careers, supported by a strong network of globally recognized residency programmes.

This provision to allow students to practice medicine after graduation is particularly beneficial for Indian medical students, who have been increasingly choosing the Philippines for their medical education due to factors such as the high quality of education, English as the medium of instruction, and affordable living costs.

Moreover, the new regulations align with the Indian Medical Commission’s requirements for registration, allowing Indian graduates to practice medicine in India after obtaining their MD degrees from the Philippines. This development opens up new opportunities for Indian medical students and strengthens the ties between India and the Philippines in the field of medical education.

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