Jagdish Gandhi, the Founder of City Montessori Schools, Passes Away

City Montessori Schools
Citation: Image used for information purpose only. Picture Credit: https://cmseducationorg.files.wordpress.com

The biggest chain of schools in Lucknow, City Montessori Schools (CMS), was founded by Jagdish Gandhi, who passed away in the state capital early on Monday. He was eighty-seven.

Gandhi is survived by his wife and four children, having spent the last 25 days receiving medical care in a hospital. The city is home to 21 City Montessori Schools.

Gandhi, an Aligarh native and the former president of the Lucknow University Student’s Union, served as an independent MLA from 1969 to 1974 before resigning from office to concentrate on the field of education.

The management of CMS stated in a press statement that Gandhi’s idea of education is entwined with academic achievement. The statement said, “He hosted an annual meeting of Chief Justices of the World to foster an atmosphere of opinion for a global government framework, in addition to organizing 20 international events for students each year to foster cross-cultural understanding.

He supported the idea that all religions should coexist peacefully and that “vasudhaiv kutumbkam” (the world is one family) is true. The press statement said, “CMS was recognized for its dedication in 2002 when it was granted the esteemed UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

Mr. Gandhi was a visionary leader who firmly felt that children should be nurtured in their early years as they are picking up new skills, watching the world, and developing their values. When provided with the proper education, it can help children develop into perceptive, knowledgeable, and compliant learners. These kids need to be raised with love, purpose, and guidance since they are the nation’s future.

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