InvokED Third Edition Hosted by ShikshaLokam Attended by Leaders, Scholars and Students

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According to the press release, the third edition emphasized collective leadership and endeavors to drive India’s progress towards educational equity. Bengaluru-based NGO ShikshaLokam organized the third edition of InvokED – a Global Dialogue on Education Leadership – on March 1 and 2, 2024.

According to a press release, InvokED 3.0 saw the participation of education leaders, practitioners, academicians, market players, teachers, and students from around the world.

The third edition’s focus, as outlined in the release, was on collective leadership and endeavors to drive India’s journey towards equity in education, aligning with the vision of establishing a world-class Indian education system.

During the inaugural session, S.D Shibulal, Co-Founder of Infosys and Founder of ShikshaLokam, stressed the significance of education leaders spearheading the improvement process to enhance public schools in the country. This, he emphasized, ensures that children have access to quality education as a fundamental right.

He emphasized that achieving this vision necessitates collective action from all stakeholders involved in enhancing learning outcomes.

“At ShikshaLokam, our influence extends across 27 Indian states and UTs, with over 570,000 education leaders driving improvements in more than a million schools nationwide,” Shibulal disclosed.

Khushboo Awasthi, Co-founder of ShikshaLokam, highlighted InvokED 3.0, stating that ShikshaLokam has been reshaping education leadership by facilitating exchanges, fostering ideas, and promoting actions that lead to growth opportunities for individuals and institutions engaged in K-12 education systems.

“We wanted the 2024 edition to provide participants an opportunity to come together and reimagine solutions and strategies to drive sustainable change in their individual ecosystems, which will uplift the education system as a whole,” she said.

On the second day of InvokED 3.0, the Shikshāgraha Utsav took place, commemorating innovation and micro-improvement narratives from classrooms throughout the nation.

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