Himachal Pradesh Minister Highlights the Exemplary Standards of Excellence set by Government Schools

Himachal Pradesh
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Rohit Thakur, the Education Minister, spoke as the chief guest during the launch of the “Mere Shehar Ke 100 Ratan” scholarship. This scholarship aims to cover the coaching fees for competitive exams for underprivileged students. Minister Thakur emphasized that schools in Himachal Pradesh are establishing exceptional standards of education. He further announced that 100 students from each constituency would receive scholarships for competitive exam coaching, with the scholarship test scheduled for May 1.

The financial aid is intended to cover the coaching fees for competitive exams for underprivileged students.

Thakur highlighted the significant improvement in the state’s literacy rate, which has risen from approximately 8% at the time of Independence to now surpassing 88%. This achievement positions the state as one of the leaders in the education sector, boasting the second-highest literacy rate in the country.

Attributing the growth in education to the exceptional standards of the state’s government schools, Thakur mentioned that under the scholarship program, coaching will be provided for various competitive exams, including civil services, SSC, railways, and banking exams.

Describing the launch as a commendable endeavor, he expressed that the scholarship would immensely assist bright and talented students who may face financial constraints in paying coaching institution fees.

Thakur further mentioned that graduates from government schools in Himachal Pradesh have achieved notable success in top institutions and various fields. Students from these schools are providing their services across the nation and internationally. He emphasized that the high education standards have contributed to Himachal Pradesh having one of the highest per capita incomes in the country.

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