Hero Vired Introduces a Certificate Program in Technology-driven Sales

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Hero Vired, an education technology company serving professionals and those aspiring for higher education, has launched a new initiative—a certificate program in technology-enabled sales, developed in partnership with LeadSquared. According to an official statement, the program is crafted to provide learners with essential skills, strategies, and tools needed to adeptly respond to the dynamic requirements of today’s fast-paced market.

This comprehensive program’s curriculum seamlessly incorporates cutting-edge CRM systems, driven by LeadSquared, to ensure participants are thoroughly equipped for the future of consumer-centric sales. Emphasizing hands-on experience through 70-90% instructor-led classes, real-life scenarios, and industry-specific projects, Hero Vired aims to meet the growing demand for proficient sales professionals, as mentioned in the release.

As per Gartner’s report, 75% of B2B sales organizations are intending to integrate AI-guided selling solutions into their conventional sales approaches, with the goal of boosting productivity through swift action based on insights and recommendations. In alignment with this trend, Hero Vired’s program strives to address the skills gap by providing hands-on training specifically tailored to contemporary sales practices.

The three-month program explores multiple facets of technology-driven sales, encompassing consumer and market analysis, sales automation, and sales intelligence. Attendees will develop proficiency in utilizing CRM tools such as LeadSquared’s Omnichannel CRM, empowering them to implement strategic sales initiatives and monitor performance effectively, as stated in the release.

“Understanding the transformative influence of technology, the objective of the new program is to empower learners to enhance their skills and cultivate fresh opportunities in the realm of technology-driven sales. CRM technology has the potential to contribute up to $4.4 trillion in annual global productivity. Hence, the integration of CRM technology within our new Sales program underscores the profound impact these integrated tools can have on the evolving consumer expectations,” stated Akshay Munjal, Founder and CEO of Hero Vired.

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