Gopal Narayan Singh University Transforming Bihar’s Education Landscape

Gopal Narayan Singh University
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With the aim of delivering world-class research-based education, training, and entrepreneurial skills to students, Gopal Narayan Singh University (GNSU) is swiftly reshaping Bihar’s educational landscape.

Quality education has long been an aspiration for Bihar, a state where half of the population faces challenges like migration. Many students from Bihar seek higher education in metropolitan areas such as Delhi and Mumbai due to a lack of career prospects in their hometowns.

Founded in 2018 under the Deo Mangal Memorial Trust, GNSU, located in Sasaram, is addressing these challenges head-on. It has rapidly expanded to encompass a network of 12 colleges offering over 60 programs to more than 4,000 students, supported by a faculty of over 400 members.

Govind Narayan Singh, Secretary, Gopal Narayan Singh University, said, “The students of Bihar have so far remained deprived of world-class education which is easily available in metro cities. Migration has also been an unfortunate crisis which they have been facing in their quest for quality education and career opportunities. Here, our ambition is not only to offer a solution to these long-pending challenges but to also serve society by providing affordable and value-based education for holistic development of students, educators and researchers for overall growth.”

The university offers a diverse range of courses spanning medical, para-medical, nursing, pharmacy, agricultural science, law, journalism & mass communication, information technology, commerce, library science & management.

Students undergo a comprehensive educational journey encompassing academics, research, entrepreneurial learning, and interdisciplinary insights. This transformative experience cultivates strong leadership qualities, including emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities—attributes previously uncommon in Bihar.

Reflecting on the challenges encountered, Govind Narayan remarks, “The challenges were substantial. Initially, it was crucial to shift the mindset of those who doubted the potential of this area. Infrastructure had to be developed, and law & order concerns existed. However, our vision of establishing an affordable and world-class learning environment here to attract talent from all regions remained steadfast. Through dedication and perseverance, we gradually overcame these obstacles.”

Moreover, the university collaborates with numerous national and international institutes of eminence to facilitate the exchange of information and enrich teaching and learning experiences, thereby offering enhanced learning and development opportunities.

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