Dharmendra Pradhan Inaugurates the ‘100 Cube’ Startup Initiative at IIT-Bhubaneswar

Dharmendra Pradhan Inaugurates
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Pradhan underscored the transformative potential of the 100-Cube Start-up Initiative, stating that it would cultivate a favorable ecosystem to positively influence the entrepreneurial scene in Odisha and across India.

On Sunday, Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan inaugurated the Research and Entrepreneurship Park at IIT-Bhubaneswar. The initiative aims to nurture 100 startups, each aiming for a valuation of Rs 100 crore, by Odisha’s centennial anniversary in 2036. To facilitate this goal, the park will provide essential resources, mentorship, seed capital, and connections to potential investors. An official statement mentioned that the park’s expansion from its current 20,000-square-foot area to approximately 80,000-square-foot within the next two years will be supported by Rs 130 crore.

Pradhan highlighted that the 100-Cube Start-up Initiative would profoundly influence the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Odisha and India by creating an enabling environment. Encouraging investment in startups based in Odisha, Pradhan urged entrepreneurs from across the country to engage in such endeavors. Additionally, he urged higher education institutions in Odisha and Eastern India to join the mission, as mentioned in the statement.

Furthermore, IIT Bhubaneswar entered into Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with 15 companies to forge strategic partnerships aimed at advancing the 100 Cube initiative. Inaugurating the 1500-seater auditorium and initiating the e-foundation for infrastructure projects valued at Rs 450 crores, Pradhan commemorated significant milestones during the event.

RP Singh, Chairman of the Board of Governors at IIT Bhubaneswar, highlighted the significance of innovation and research, stressing the responsible utilization of science and technology for societal progress.

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