Chandigarh Education Department Facing Concern for Low Student-teacher Ratio

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In the Project Approval Board meeting, among the difficulties pertaining specifically to Chandigarh, it was mentioned that out of the 123 schools in the city, 10%, or 12 schools, had an unfavorable PTR at the primary level.

One of the complaints mentioned in the minutes of the Project Approval Board meeting for the recently announced Samagra Shiksha (SS) program was the unfavorable pupil to teacher ratio (PTR) at the elementary level in several of the city schools. The central government, which funds the UT education department, organizes the summit every year. Sanjay Kumar, the secretary of the Union ministry of education, was present at the meeting.

One of the UT-specific problems was that out of the 123 schools in the city, 10%, or 12 schools, had an unfavorable PTR at the primary level. It was also noted how long infrastructure facilities were taking. Construction of 224 more classrooms was approved dating back to the pre-scheme era (before the 2018–2019 academic year), however 47 classrooms are still pending. Insufficient classrooms also have an impact on the aforementioned ratio. Additionally, the department still needs to build a smart classroom and an information and communications technology (ICT) lab. It has been requested that the UT complete these projects by the end of the current fiscal year.

Additionally, 28.75% of the State Council of Educational Research and Training (SCERT) positions were identified. During the discussion, it was mentioned that the SCERT’s open jobs might be filled first because of the institution’s crucial role in empowering teachers. The department will now begin online admissions for all of its courses through the National Informatics Centre (NIC) web platform, following the success of utilizing online admissions for EWS and pre-primary classes. Officials stated that in addition to promoting openness, the program would aid in resolving PTR-related concerns by guaranteeing that the 1:40 CBSE criterion is satisfied.

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