CBSE Contemplating a Policy on the Use of AI to Prepare Students for Future Job Requirements


The move aims to incorporate artificial intelligence into the educational framework, equipping students with skills essential for upcoming job markets. This initiative aligns with the ever-evolving technological landscape, ensuring students are well-prepared for the demands of future employment.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is in the process of formulating a comprehensive policy on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the educational system. The initiative aims to prepare students for future job opportunities and foster creativity and innovation. Discussions on this plan took place during a meeting of the CBSE’s department of Skill Education held in November last year. It was decided to establish a committee comprising representatives from higher education institutions such as IITs and NITs, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, stakeholders from leading global AI industries, and officials from the board.

According to the minutes of the meeting, representatives from AI-powered startups will be included in the committee. The transformative impact of AI on various industries necessitates students to develop a solid foundation in AI skills to prepare for future job opportunities. The board proposed the development of a comprehensive AI strategy for schools during the meeting. Officials mentioned that the committee will be formed soon to commence work on the proposal, with recommendations expected to be submitted by the end of April 2024. The committee’s mandate will include planning for the development of AI skills among students, focusing on improving learning outcomes and promoting social inclusion for students with disabilities. The policy will also address professional development opportunities for teachers and educators, along with outlining a roadmap for industry and academic partnerships.

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