Maharashtra Government Formed a Committee to Develop a State-wide Skill Education Policy

Maharashtra Governmen

The 10-person committee is anticipated to present a draft within a month. For the first time, the Maharashtra government has constituted a committee to develop a state-wide skill education policy that will ensure the efficient convergence of diverse skill development efforts.

The skill development and entrepreneurship department established a 10-member group comprising academics, experts in skill education and entrepreneurship, as well as industry and government leaders, to prepare a draft skill policy.

According to a department official, “Various projects, initiatives, and programs in various parts of the state are being implemented to build manpower capacity and encourage entrepreneurship among youth.” Educational institutions offer a variety of skill-oriented courses. All of them must be coordinated so that effective efforts may be made in both generating quality workforce and incubating firms, which is what this strategy aims to accomplish.”

Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) in Maharashtra provide several skill-oriented courses. Furthermore, several universities and autonomous colleges have begun to provide degree-level courses focused on specific skills, particularly those that meet the demands of local industries. Many public institutions have established incubation centers or start-up clinics as part of their mission to promote entrepreneurship.

“While everything is functioning at the same time, it is critical that there are no duplicates. At the same time, a coordinated approach to these opportunities at multiple levels will aid in the development of quality people for diverse businesses, according to the official, who expects the committee to deliver a draft within a month.

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