Bihar Sakshamta Pariksha 2024: The state education minister Sunil Kumar Updated on Posting of Qualified Teachers

Bihar Sakshamta Pariksha
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The Bihar Sakshamta Pariksha was conducted on February 26, 2024. Recent reports indicate that the 1.87 lakh teachers who passed the test in Bihar will have to wait longer for their postings. The Bihar Education Department will first organize Competency Test 2, after which teachers will be posted accordingly. Education Minister Sunil Kumar confirmed this information.

In a recent interview, Sunil Kumar stated that a meeting is ongoing in the department regarding the competency process. It is expected that the first competency test will be conducted, followed by the postings. He assured that the results will be released soon and there will not be significant delays in counseling. After counseling, teacher postings will be managed through randomization using software. Applications for home block postings will only be accepted from those who are disabled or sick, and these cases will be reviewed by a committee before final postings.

Sunil Kumar also addressed the status of guest teachers, physical education, and health instructors removed from Plus 2. He mentioned that the education department is considering this issue. Emphasizing his commitment to quality education, he stated that instructions have been given to conduct the BPSC TRE 3.0 examination soon and to release the results promptly.

According to the education department, the competency examination results show that 5,313 teachers for grades 11 and 12, 20,354 for grades 9 and 10, 22,941 for grades 6 to 8, and 13,910 for grades 1 to 5 have passed. These successful candidates will become special teachers. Teachers were asked to select three preferred districts when filling out the competency examination form. Districts have been allocated based on marks obtained in the competency examination and reservation criteria.

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