Influential Leaders
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World Changers: Influential Leaders Transforming Education and Business

The very core of education and business is undergoing a radical transformation, driven by a new class of influential leaders: World Changers. These visionaries navigate disruption by fuelling innovation and propelling both domains towards a future of unparalleled progress.

Welcome to “World Changers: Influential Leaders Transforming Education and Business,” where we celebrate the pioneers shaping the future of these vital domains. In this issue, we highlight leaders whose remarkable achievements and initiatives are reshaping the global landscape of education and business.

Through their stories and insights, we aim to inspire our readership—educators, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and business leaders—to push boundaries, challenge norms, and strive for greater positive change in their respective fields.

We look forward to inviting leaders to participate and share their inspirational stories, contributing to the dialogue on the transformative power of visionary leadership in education and business.