The longest living animals on Earth

Greenland shark: This apex predator of the icy Arctic waters can live for an astounding 400 years! Their slow metabolism and low body temperature contribute to their longevity.

Ocean quahog: This deep-sea clam can reach a mind-boggling 500 years old! They grow very slowly and have a remarkably robust shell that protects them from predators and harsh environments.

Bowhead whale: These majestic giants of the ocean can live for 200+ years. Their thick blubber layer insulates them in cold waters, and their slow reproductive cycle contributes to their lifespan.

Rougheye rockfish: Found in the deep waters of the North Pacific, these fish can live for over 200 years. Their cold environment and slow growth rate are thought to be key factors in their longevity.

Freshwater pearl mussel: This freshwater bivalve can live for an impressive 250+ years. They filter water for food and have a very efficient metabolism, which helps them conserve energy and live longer.