Ratan Tata to open mumbais first 24x7 animal hospital

Credit - curlytales

Fulfilling a critical need: Mumbai, like many large cities, faces a shortage of accessible and well-equipped veterinary facilities. This 24/7 hospital fills a crucial gap, ensuring animals receive timely medical attention, regardless of the time.

Advanced care for all: The hospital offers cutting-edge diagnostics, treatment options, and surgical facilities, previously unavailable for many pets in the city. This expands access to high-quality care, potentially saving lives and improving animal welfare.

Compassionate leadership: Ratan Tata's personal connection to animal well-being inspires public trust and support for the initiative. His dedication sets a positive example for responsible pet ownership and animal welfare advocacy.

Empowering pet owners: By offering affordable services, the hospital removes financial barriers and empowers pet owners to prioritize their animal's health. This fosters responsible pet ownership and strengthens human-animal bonds.

Boosting animal welfare ecosystem: The hospital serves as a training ground for future veterinarians and technicians, raising the overall standards of animal care in Mumbai and potentially across India.