Maharashtra Government Formed a Committee to Develop a State-wide Skill Education Policy

Committee Formation: Maharashtra government forms a 10-person committee for a state-wide skill education policy.

First Initiative: It's the first time Maharashtra is developing such a policy to streamline skill development efforts.

Committee Composition: The committee includes academics, skill education experts, industry leaders, and government officials.

Objective: Aim is to ensure efficient convergence of various skill development initiatives across the state.

Current Scenario: Maharashtra implements various skill development projects and courses across the state.

Need for Coordination: Existing skill-oriented courses and programs need better coordination for effective outcomes.

Existing Initiatives: Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) and universities offer skill-focused courses meeting industry demands.

Entrepreneurship Promotion: Many institutions have set up incubation centers to promote entrepreneurship.

Avoiding Duplicates: Emphasis on avoiding duplication of efforts while ensuring a coordinated approach.

Expected Outcome: The committee is expected to deliver a draft skill policy within a month.