‘Bridge Month Programme’ Introduced by NCERT for Standard 6th till the books are Launched

NCERT Guidelines: The curriculum and assessment for Class 6 are defined by NCERT regulations, including required lessons in vocational, art, physical education, and well-being.

New National Curriculum Framework: The NCERT has introduced a new National Curriculum Framework (NCF) for Class 6, mandating programs in art, vocational, physical education, and well-being.

Bridge Month Programme (BMP): The NCERT has launched a Bridge Month Programme (BMP) for Class 6, detailing curriculum, assessment, and teaching methods, despite textbooks being pending release.

Textbook Release Timeline: NCERT books for Classes 3rd and 6th are set to be introduced by April end, with new syllabi and textbooks for other grades rolling out in 2025-2027.

Smooth Transition Emphasis: NCERT emphasizes smooth transitions from Grade 2 to 3 and Grade 5 to 6, highlighting the importance of meeting learning prerequisites to avoid comprehension issues.

Purpose of Bridge Month: The Bridge Month aims to create an interactive, playful classroom environment to prepare teachers and students for the new syllabus and approach to learning.

Learning Through Fun: During Bridge Month, subjects will be taught in a fun-based manner, encouraging students to learn through play, peer interaction, and observation.

Expanded Subject List: Class 6 now includes Social Science, Mathematics, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Urdu, Vocational Education, Art Education, and Physical Education & Well-Being, with a revised schedule and time allocation for each subject.