Dr. Raghuveer Y V: Empowering Educators and Students by Nurturing Talents and Shaping Futures

Dr. Raghuveer Y V
Dr. Raghuveer Y V

Dr. Raghuveer Y V, Principal of Podar International School, is known for his adaptability to evolving student needs and understanding of parental aspirations, paving the way for numerous successful careers.

Reflecting on his 27-year career, Dr. Raghuveer credits two prominent figures for shaping his educational journey. One is Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, Chairman of the Academy for Creative Teaching (ACT), renowned for his profound impact on educational philosophy and leadership. Described as an ‘Institution of wisdom,’ Dr. Karajagi mentored Dr. Raghuveer on educational insights and value chain implementation.

Similarly, Dr. Raghuveer draws inspiration from Dr. Chenraj Jain, Chairman of the Jain Group of Institutions (JGI), admired for his visionary leadership and strategic acumen. Dr. Jain’s approach to organizational skills and business tactics has significantly influenced Dr. Raghuveer’s leadership style.

Through these influences, Dr. Raghuveer has demonstrated a commitment to student-centered education while embracing innovative strategies. His tenure at Podar International School underscores his dedication to nurturing holistic learning environments aligned with students’ needs and parents’ aspirations.

The Mentorship Path

Dr. Raghuveer’s career journey as a teacher, teacher trainer, and administrator is a source of excitement and reflection for him. He credits his success and personal growth to the guidance and inspiration of prominent figures in education whose influence continues to shape his path in educational leadership.

His academic journey began earnestly, excelling as a student and later advancing to a post-graduate degree from the University of Mysore in 1993. His professional career commenced immediately as a science teacher in a residential school, marking the outset of his dedication to education.

A pivotal moment arose when Dr. Raghuveer encountered his life mentor, Dr. Gururaj Karajagi, during a guest lecture. Dr. Karajagi’s probing question challenged Raghuveer’s pedagogical approach, likening it to a repetitive tape recorder. Dr. Karajagi queried, “Don’t you think that you have become like a ‘tape recorder’ for repeatedly playing the same cassettes of Biology to your students from the past decade? Why don’t you take up some good administrative tasks as a seasoned educator?

This insightful query prompted a significant transition from college lectureship to school administration. Subsequently, Dr. Raghuveer assumed the role of founder principal at Sri Ranganth International School, Bagalkot, necessitating further academic pursuits such as a B.Ed. course.

Relocating from Bengaluru to north Karnataka, Dr. Raghuveer initially grappled with what he termed a ‘demotional mindset‘—a transition from higher academia to school-level leadership. However, this phase catalyzed a profound realization. Dr. Raghuveer recognized the misconception in viewing himself solely as a conveyor of knowledge. Instead, engaging with children and parents deepened his understanding of education and leadership.

Through this transformation, Dr. Raghuveer evolved from a lecturer to an educational administrator, embracing first-hand insights into the complexities of school dynamics. His journey underscores the transformative power of mentorship and self-reflection in shaping educational leadership.

Success with Democratic Leadership

Dr. Raghuveer envisions achieving SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound) goals for institutions by empowering teams. He believes in implementing this vision by focusing on the pillars of Skill, Attitude, Knowledge, and Environment (SAKE) for every student in a school, nurturing their growth effectively.

Ultimately, educators and parents will witness and benefit from the enriched environment that fosters and empowers holistic child development. Throughout his career, Dr. Raghuveer has experienced success using the democratic leadership method, which has proven effective for both himself and his team members.

Building a Positive School Culture

Under the leadership of Dr. Raghuveer, Podar International School embraces the National Education Policy 2020 (NEP) and strategically integrates its principles and objectives into the school’s curriculum and educational practices. This alignment is essential for fostering a positive and inclusive school culture. Here are several ways in which the school achieves this integration:

  • Holistic Development: By including the physical, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional (PISE) aspects, the school ensures a ‘balanced approach’ by incorporating co-curricular activities, sports, arts, & life skills training along with academic subjects.
  • 21st-Century Skills: Skills such as numerical skills, critical thinking, creativity, & communication are integrated into teaching methodologies. In the recent past, more than 80% of the school students have appeared for their National Financial Literacy Assessment Test (NFLAT) online & they look forward to completing both their junior & senior level tests with understanding & demonstrative illustrations in their computer science lab.
  • Teacher Training and Professional Development: The school invests sufficient time in the continuous professional development of teachers to ensure that they stay updated with innovative & creative teaching methods with pedagogical practices. It is done under the banner of teachers’ evaluation before teachers (TEBT).
  • Inclusion and Diversity: The school fosters an inclusive environment with a separate vertical called ‘Inclusive Education Cell (IEC)’ where diversity is catered through subject-wise teachers & qualified counselors.
  • Technology Integration: Smart classrooms, e-learning platforms like coding and 3D printing, and integrated learning approaches are part of the school’s strategy.

Innovative Learning Pathways

Dr. Raghuveer employs a diverse toolkit to enhance the learner-centric academic environment at Podar International School, refining the curriculum and daily lesson plans with a focus on various teaching methodologies tailored to different learning styles (visual, auditory, read & write, and kinesthetic – VARK). Here are the key elements he emphasizes in this domain:

  • Campus-connect: Senior students volunteer to tutor their juniors, explaining conceptual ideas and shortcuts in a friendly and convincing manner.
  • Conspectus: A comprehensive curriculum document outlines the school’s yearly activities and monthly planned coverage.
  • English Inspectors: Selected students act as inspectors to assess their classmates’ English skills, including reading, speaking, writing, and body language.
  • History Project: Students undertake quarterly rubric-based writing exercises exploring the history of their native places, fostering social science awareness among children and parents.
  • Integrated Curriculum: Teachers interlace subjects during classroom lessons; for example, integrating math with art by teaching geometric concepts alongside creating 3D paper models.
  • Pillars of Society: Children conduct personal interviews with various professionals (e.g., drivers, lawyers, doctors) to understand societal roles and inter-dependability.
  • Short-term & Long-term Goals: Rubric-based goal-setting activities help students and teachers track progress and address challenges through yearly reviews and gap analyses.
  • Achievers Meet: Distinguished individuals from different fields share their experiences and motivate students in this inspiring school platform.
  • School Symphony: An annual musical and instrumental orchestra performance showcases the musical talents of students, complementing academic progress.
  • School Showcase: Students’ performing and visual arts are highlighted through dynamic exhibitions for the parent community.
  • Podar Forum: Intellectual debates among students stimulate novel ideas and perspectives, akin to the ‘Oracle of Delphi.’
  • Thematic Assemblies: Activity-based assemblies focused on values are held regularly throughout the school year, recognizing outstanding student performances.

Dr. Raghuveer’s approach emphasizes holistic education, integrating academic and extracurricular activities to nurture well-rounded individuals within a vibrant school community.

Pride of Podar

Dr. Raghuveer reflects proudly on the success story of Podar International School, highlighting a series of remarkable achievements that underscore the school’s commitment to excellence and innovation:

  • Consistent City Toppers: For 12 consecutive years, Podar International School has produced city toppers with outstanding academic results, maintaining a perfect 100% pass rate over its 17-year history.
  • Interactive Language and Subject Labs: The school has established interactive labs in English, Hindi, Marathi, Math, and Social Science, supplementing traditional science labs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science) to enhance learning experiences.
  • Inter-School Achievements: Winners of an inter-school 3D printing competition, showcasing the school’s technological prowess. Representation of the school’s girls’ football team at the national level competition, demonstrating sports excellence.
  • International Recognition: Victory in the International Robotics Programming Competition (MakeX) and subsequent representation at Abu Dhabi, highlighting the school’s prowess in STEM education.
  • Academic Excellence: Gold medal winners in the Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) competitive examination, showcasing exceptional academic achievements.
  • Qurio E-Magazine: The student-led E-Magazine, Qurio, serves as a global platform for student-written contributions, fostering creativity and communication skills.
  • Mentor-Mentee System: Implementation of a mentor-mentee system promotes supportive teaching relationships and personal development beyond academics.
  • 21st Century Skills Focus: The school has dedicated faculty members focusing on implementing essential 21st-century skills into the curriculum, preparing students for future challenges.
  • Sports and Arts: Hosted and emerged victorious in the district-level inter-school basketball tournament, highlighting athletic prowess. Additionally, the school’s art exhibition showcases students’ artistic talents.

Dr. Raghuveer emphasizes that these achievements are a testament to the collaborative efforts of the entire school community. They serve as an opportunity to celebrate the school’s values and achievements while setting new benchmarks for future endeavors. The success story of Podar International School reflects a holistic approach to education, nurturing academic excellence, creativity, sportsmanship, and personal growth among its students.

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